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  • Li-SOCl2 Batteries

    3.6V lithium thionyl chloride batteries have high density, low self

    Li-MnO2 Batteries

    3.0V lithium manganese dioxide batteries have two types: cylindrical and coin

    Rechargeable Batteries

    Rechargeable batteries contain Ni-Mh batteries, lithium ion batteries

    ACT Provides You with A Variety of Energy Solutions

    Ahead Cell Technology Co., Ltd.(ACT) is an ISO9001:2008 & ISO14001:2004 certified company which is located in Zaoyang city, Hubei province. Established in 2010, ACT has quickly become one of the leading ltihium battery manufacturers in China. We are specializing in the development,production and marketing of lithium thionyl Chloride(Lisocl2) batteires, lithium manganese dioxide(LiMnO2) batteries and rechargeable batteries.
    The Race To Develop The Ultimate Battery

    University of Cambridge scientists have developed a working laboratory demonstrator of a lithium-oxygen battery which has very high energy

    Lithium Battery Fire Risk Unacceptable

    Aircraft makers are urging a ban on bulk lithium battery shipments on passenger planes, calling the threat of fires “an unacceptable risk,”

    Contact Us

  • ACT Battery Industrial Park, Zaoyang, Hubei
  • 86-0755-32905485
  • sales@act-battery.com
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